English Apples Now Available for Delivery at F. Milford and Sons

English apples

The English apple season is in full swing, and we have some great varieties available to order today at F. Milford and Sons.

We have both cooking and eating apple varieties available, and with our free daily fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries you can put in an order today and receive it tomorrow.

F. Milford and Son’s source as much of our fresh fruit and vegetables from local producers as possible and our apples are no exception. This means that from the field to plate, our produce has travelled less distance and reaches you as fresh as possible.

We have some great varieties of English apples available to order, including:

  • Royal Gala
  • Russet
  • Cox’s
  • Braeburn
  • Jonagold

If you would like to talk to us about local fruit and vegetable delivery or our lovely English apple varieties, please phone us on 01392 274 035 or email us at steve@fmilfords.co.uk.


The Source Trade Show

The Source Trade ShowF. Milford and Sons Ltd.

We are very excited to be attending the 2017 Source Trade Show again this year, which takes place on the 8-9th February at Westpoint Exhibition Centre. Registration for the Show is free and there is no charge at all for trade buyers to attend.

The Show is a great time for local food and drink producers and service providers to exhibit their products to new customers, as well as returning customers.

We are looking forward to showcasing some of our great quality fresh fruit and vegetables, talking to customers face-to-face about our company and how we source many of our produce from local producers and the South West.

It is a great opportunity for us to show customers, first hand, the great quality produce that they can expect to get from us every time they put in an order, as well as talk to them about the different ranges of products that we offer.

We look forward to meeting other traders and producers, along with new and returning customers at the Show. If you would like to come and talk to us, we will be on stand G54. We hope to see you there.