South West Produce Delivered Daily by F. Milford and Sons

At F. Milford and Son’s, we supply many businesses and organisations in and around Exeter with our fresh, locally produced fruit and vegetables every day.

We have built close relationships with our customers, and are proud to have worked with many of them, including Exeter University, for several years in some shape or form.

We are proud to source as many of our fruit and vegetables from West Country suppliers as possible. Our connection with South West suppliers and businesses is one of F. Milford and Sons strongest values; we invest in our local economy as much as we can and support other local businesses and charities in Exeter and Devon.

By working with West Country producers, we lower our carbon footprint and food miles and ensure that our locally produced fruit and vegetables reach our customers as fresh as possible.

If you are looking for a local fruit and vegetable wholesaler in Exeter, with free delivery every day, no matter the size of your order, then contact F. Milford and Son’s today on 01392 274 035 or email us at steve@fmilfords.co.uk.


Summer fruit is in season at F.Milford and Sons

Fresh Strawberries

With summer arriving, there are lots of different fresh fruit and vegetables that are coming into season. F. Milford’s has a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables available to order today, and delivered to businesses in and around Exeter, 7 days a week.

Two fruits which are especially popular during the summer months are strawberries and raspberries.

At Milford’s, we source our fresh strawberries and raspberries from three fruit farms in the South West; Nynehead Farm in Somerset, Ball’s Farm near Exeter and Thornes Farm which is in Crediton, 7 miles outside of Exeter.

Milford’s proximity to our South West fruit suppliers means that our strawberries and raspberries are delivered to you as fresh and tasty as possible; going from the field to being delivered to your business within 24 hours. Almost as if you had picked them yourself!

Here are 10 interesting facts about strawberries and raspberries that you may not know:

  1. Strawberries are not technically a fruit as their seeds are on the outside.
  2. In the late 1950’s Scottish raspberries were transported from Scotland to London on a steam train known as the ‘Raspberry Special’.
  3. The average strawberry has 200 seeds per fruit.
  4. There are over 200 species of raspberries.
  5. The vibrant red colour of strawberries comes from the large amounts of anthrocyanidin in the fruit.
  6. Raspberries can come in many different colours such as; red, purple, gold and black.
  7. Strawberries are full of powerful antioxidants, which can help prevent illnesses.
  8. Gold raspberries are the sweetest variety.
  9. Strawberries are thought to protect against inflammation.
  10. Raspberries were first cultivated in England and France in the 1600’s.

Bonus fact: It won’t come as a surprise to learn that both strawberries and raspberries are filled with essential vitamins and nutrients that are vital for a healthy lifestyle, but did you know that they are both part of the rose family?

We are excited for the summer months to arrive, and delivering delicious strawberries and raspberries to our customers. If you would like to talk to us about the availability of our fresh fruit and vegetables, and put an order in with us, then contact us today on 01392 274 035.


Great Quality West Country Dairy Products

West Country Dairy Products

As a business with a strong local and community focus, we pride ourselves on sourcing many of our products from local or West Country suppliers. This includes both our fresh fruit and vegetables and delicious, great quality dairy products.

The South West produces a variety of different cheeses and other dairy products. One of our personal favourites is Beenleigh Blue cheese, which is made by Ticklemore Cheese, a small cheesemaker in Totnes, that makes multi-award winning cheeses.

Beenleigh Blue is an exceptional cheese – made with full-fat ewes milk, it is produced on a large scale in the spring/early summer and then kept at a cold temperature so that it lasts throughout the year. This results in a cheese which changes significantly as the year progresses; starting off in June as light, fresh and crumbly then developing a much deeper, richer and creamier flavour.

Ticklemore Cheese has also created two other delicious cheeses – Devon Blue, a buttery cheese, made with cow’s milk and Harbourne Blue, a sweet, goat’s milk cheese. They source the milk for their cheeses from farms in the South West, ensuring it is of the highest quality.

Along with these delicious cheeses from Ticklemore, we also have a huge range of other cheeses and dairy products available to order today. And, if we don’t currently have the product you are looking for, we can usually source it for you using our network of suppliers.

Contact us today if you would like to place an order, or to discuss the whole range of great quality, dairy products that we have available.


Healthy New Year Recipe Using Fresh Fruit and Vegetables

The start of a new year can mean a lot of different things to people, but at the top of many people’s list is getting fit and healthy, especially after the indulgent Christmas period! At F Milford and Son’s, we only source the best, fresh fruit and vegetables, from as close to the South West as possible. This ensures that they are perfect for creating delicious, healthy meals and kick-starting your healthy new year.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a great way to introduce key nutrients and vitamins into your everyday life and there are so many to choose from – all with their own benefits and nutrient values. One vegetable that’s been hailed a ‘superfood’, because of its nutrient and vitamin content, is kale.

Kale is packed with vitamins A, K and C – which are important for your eyes, blood and immune system. We source our kale from Thornes farm in Stockleigh Pomeroy, which is a village in Devon located 8 miles outside of Exeter.

There are so many delicious ways that you can use kale in your meals, from smoothies to savoury muffins and lots in-between, a tasty recipe is provided below. This recipe uses kale and other fresh ingredients to create a meal that is healthy but also delicious: perfect on those cold, January days.

Pesto pasta with cherry tomatoes, kale and ricotta:


–        500g penne pasta

–        200g kale – chopped

–        3 garlic cloves – chopped

–        2 x 400g cans cherry tomatoes

–        Olive Oil – 2 tablespoons

–        Crushed chilli flakes – 1 tablespoon

–        Ricotta – 4 tablespoons

–        Fresh pesto – 4 tablespoons

–        Parmesan, to serve (optional)


1.     Using a large saucepan, heat the oil and then add the garlic. Cook for 2 minutes, until golden, and then add in the chilli flakes and tomatoes. Season well and then simmer for 15 minutes – until the sauce has thickened and reduced.

2.     Cook the pasta whilst the sauce is simmering –  use the on-pack instructions on how to cook the pasta. Then add the kale to the pasta for the last two minutes of cooking.

3.     Drain the pasta and kale, and then stir into the sauce. When divided into bowls, top each serving with a dollop of ricotta and a drizzle of fresh pesto. You can also add some parmesan if you would like.

If you would like more information about the fresh fruit and vegetables that we have available, please contact us today and we will be happy to help.


Four Elms Fruit Farm

Here at F. Milford and Sons, we work with a lot of different fresh fruit and vegetables throughout the year; as the seasons change so does our produce. Right now, apples are at the core, with many different varieties coming into season during the Autumn months. Therefore, what better time to introduce one of our main local apple suppliers, Four Elms Fruit Farm which can be found just 12 miles outside of Exeter.

Four Elms Fruit Farm is currently in its third generation of family ownership. It was established over 90 years ago and has been successfully run by the Smedley family since the early 1960’s. It is safe to say that they are experts in their field; growing 14 varieties of apples on their 70-acre farm including, Cox, Egremont Russet, Bramley, Braeburn and Gala. They also produce delicious Real Devonshire Apple Juice for which they have won multiple awards; this year they were awarded gold medals from Taste of the West for their Cox/Bramley, Cox and Russet juices, all of which we stock.

Four Elms takes a lot of pride in supporting the environment and is an ambassador for the ‘East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty’. As well as this, Mark Smedley has over 10 thriving bee hives on the farm, which are helping to re-establish honey bee numbers in the UK. The honey which is produced by the bees is sold in their shop, The Apple Shed, which can be found on their farm. There are also numerous owls and bats which live in boxes which have been specially put up around the farm.

If you would like more information about the different Four Elms products that we stock, then please contact us today and we will be happy to talk to you about them and take your order.


Much more than a fruit and vegetable wholesaler…

Destination Teas and Coffees
Selection of Destination Teas and Coffees.

F. Milford and Sons is much more than just a fresh fruit and vegetable wholesaler, we are also Exeter’s local grocer, supplying Devon and the South West with the finest foods and ingredients. We are always looking for new suppliers to enhance the brilliant range of foods that we already have available for you to purchase and are excited to share with you one of our newest suppliers: Destination.

Destination are passionate suppliers of great quality, fair-trade and organic teas, coffees and much more. They were established in 1999 in Bordeaux and they are the largest organic tea and coffee company in France, exporting their products to over 30 countries around the world.

As well as organic and fair-trade teas and coffees, Destination also produce a range of infusions, chocolate drinks, fruit spreads and juices. They have expert knowledge of the organic market and have complete control of the whole production process; ensuring that only the best quality products make it to their suppliers, and consumers.

We now have a wide range of Destination products, ready for you to purchase. If you would like to find out more about the range of products that we have available, or to put in an order then please contact us today on, 01392 274 035.


Local Supplier: Thornes Farm

Thornes Farm Shop

At F. Milford and Sons, local fruit and vegetable wholesalers in Exeter, we pride ourselves on the work we do with producers and suppliers of fresh fruit and vegetables in Devon. We believe that it is this approach which sets us apart from other wholesalers; we care a lot about our local community and economy and work hard to strengthen them both.

This month we wanted to introduce you to one of our suppliers; Anthony Thorne from Thornes Farm.

Anthony has farming in his blood; his family has been farming in Devon for hundreds of years. Thornes farm, which can be found in the Devon town of Crediton, 7 miles outside of Exeter, has been going for 30 years, since it was bought by Anthony in 1986. They supply us with some of the best fruit and vegetables that the South West has to offer.

They are especially known for their strawberries; which we stock between May- November, and are perfect for making delicious conserves and jams as well as lots of other delicious, healthy treats.

This Autumn, we will have a whole range of different fresh, fruit and vegetables sourced locally from Thornes Farm including; savoy cabbage, primo cabbage, Romanesco cauliflower, leeks, pumpkins, Marfona potatoes, beetroot- candy, golden and normal varieties, courgettes, kale – Russian red, cabanero and curly varieties, swede, and a limited supply of strawberries.

If you would like to talk to us about any of the locally sourced products we have available or to make an order, then please contact us today where we will be happy to help.