What we supply

Local and independent

More than a wholesale greengrocer, Milfords is one of the South West’s largest independent produce suppliers, delivering fresh produce of every kind. Just as importantly, we’re local and we work closely with our suppliers and customers. Recognising unique needs, and tailoring products to fit.

Our expanding list of produce not only includes locally sourced items, we also source specialised and exotic fruit and vegetables. Quality and taste is top of our list; by forming relationships with our suppliers and producers they know that if the quality is not up to scratch, it’s returned to them. So you know that the produce we deliver to your door has been carefully checked for quality.

We even react to sunny or rainy days

Experience has told us to watch the weather so we know when it’s time to increase the number of strawberries for a sunny week or order more spuds when the weather looks dodgy.

Prepared produce for less waste

Our prepared produce is perfect for the busy caterer.

If you’re pushed for time, our prepared vegetable bags are just the thing. Milfords washes, slices, and dices an ever-growing range of root vegetables and brassicas, ideal for busy cafes and restaurants.

If you have specific requirements, we can prepare to order. Contact our team for more information or read more about prepared veg here.

Need more?

Can’t find what you want? Ask our friendly team to help. They work closely with superb produce suppliers, all over the world. And, they’re passionate about sourcing quality, seasonal produce.

If you need something a little different, Milfords in Exeter is your first choice.

Good honest food, supplied by producers we know and trust.