Pre-packed range

Pre packed Milpack range

Small shops often struggle to compete with the larger outlets as they don’t have the display facilities or the capacity to stock lots of produce.

We’ve solved that problem with our Milpack brand of pre-packed produce, making it easy to stock West Country fruit and veg.

Helping small outlets where display areas are at a premium, our Milpack brand is popular with convenience stores, holiday parks and garages across the South West, offering produce in pre-packed units that are easy to display.

Packed to order on a daily basis, there is less waste and smaller orders are possible – next day delivery means that being stocked up on a daily basis is easy and affordable.

With well-established long standing quality systems in place, Milpack produce is packed to the highest standards. Each package is bar-coded, and labeled with the retail price, date code, and all necessary legal information.

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