West Country Produce Available Today at F. Milford and Sons

Fresh local produce

At F. Milford and Sons we take great pride in our role as a local, family-run wholesaler. As part of this, we are proud to work closely with West Country producers, delivering their goods to our customers every day.

In the South West, we have a lot of fantastic fruit and vegetable growers and dairy product suppliers. We work closely with them to ensure that the products we sell are the best quality and delicious. And whenever possible, we use our vast supply network in the West Country to source our products, as this cuts down on food miles ensuring that our fruit and vegetables reach us as fresh and delicious as when they were picked.

There are many benefits to buying produce that has been grown in the West Country. As well as supporting local businesses and the economy of the South West, buying local also means that you’re eating produce that is in season and at its best.

The rise of the supermarket, with their year-round availability of fruit and vegetables, may have reduced the perception of seasonality, but there has recently been a surge in consumers desire to know where their food is coming from. This has led restaurants to highlight their use of locally sourced foods on their menus, and we’re happy to be able to supply the restaurants and cafes that buy from us with the best West Country produce available.

From small cafes and restaurants, to bigger establishments such as schools and universities, F. Milford and Sons deliver fresh produce to our customers every day, no matter what their size.

We’re proud to be supporting West Country producers and supplying our customers with the best seasonal produce available. If you would like to find out more about the different West Country products that we have available, including fruit, vegetables and, dairy products, then please contact us today on 01392 274 035.


Serving up the finest dairy products from across the South West

South West dairy products

At F. Milford’s, we’re continually expanding the product range that we offer. We may have started as a fresh fruit and vegetable merchant, but now, over 100 years later, we supply our customers with a whole range of different products, including delicious dairy products from Devon, Cornwall and the rest of the South West.

The South West is known for its dairy products; from Cheddar to Cornish clotted cream, and we work with some of the best dairy producers in the West Country to supply our customers with the finest products.

Two dairy suppliers that we work with in the South West are Trewithen Dairy and Quicke’s.

Trewithen Dairy is a Cornish dairy in Lostwithiel. Greymare Farm has been owned and run by the Clarke family since 1976, but in 1994 they decided to start creating their own dairy products. In the beginning the Clarke’s owned their own herd. But as their products grew more successful, they decided to devote their time to producing dairy products with milk sourced from farms within a 25-mile radius, and sold their own herd. Some of the products that we source from Trewithen Dairy are fresh Cornish milk, cream, butter and yoghurt.

Quicke’s is located near Exeter in Newton St Cyres. They make all their cheese by hand, using techniques which have been passed down for generations. Quicke’s Vintage is aged for two whole years before they sell it, this makes it the country’s longest matured clothbound cheddar. In fact, their cheeses are so good that they have won multiple awards; in 2016 Quicke’s were named Taste of the West’s South West Producer of the Year.

If you would like to find out more about the dairy products that we supply, from our South West products to ones from further afield, then please contact us today on 01392 274 035.


Great Quality West Country Dairy Products

West Country Dairy Products

As a business with a strong local and community focus, we pride ourselves on sourcing many of our products from local or West Country suppliers. This includes both our fresh fruit and vegetables and delicious, great quality dairy products.

The South West produces a variety of different cheeses and other dairy products. One of our personal favourites is Beenleigh Blue cheese, which is made by Ticklemore Cheese, a small cheesemaker in Totnes, that makes multi-award winning cheeses.

Beenleigh Blue is an exceptional cheese – made with full-fat ewes milk, it is produced on a large scale in the spring/early summer and then kept at a cold temperature so that it lasts throughout the year. This results in a cheese which changes significantly as the year progresses; starting off in June as light, fresh and crumbly then developing a much deeper, richer and creamier flavour.

Ticklemore Cheese has also created two other delicious cheeses – Devon Blue, a buttery cheese, made with cow’s milk and Harbourne Blue, a sweet, goat’s milk cheese. They source the milk for their cheeses from farms in the South West, ensuring it is of the highest quality.

Along with these delicious cheeses from Ticklemore, we also have a huge range of other cheeses and dairy products available to order today. And, if we don’t currently have the product you are looking for, we can usually source it for you using our network of suppliers.

Contact us today if you would like to place an order, or to discuss the whole range of great quality, dairy products that we have available.