About us

Closer is better

At Milfords, we know we’re not like the bigger, national wholesalers. For us, that’s always been the point.

As a family-owned, West Country firm, we know each of the local bakers, dairy herds, and farms behind our food.

Our close relationship with individual suppliers and producers means we have a direct channel to where your food comes from. We talk to our suppliers and we’ll even help them by encouraging them to grow produce that we know will be popular.

Supplying everything you need, in one convenient delivery.

Quality and traceability

Set up over 9 years ago, our robust quality policy and systems allow us to check the quality and freshness of our produce through calibration, refrigeration monitoring and staff training. All our produce can be traced through the chain from our producers to our door.

We know where every potato came from and where each apple was grown.

Oh and we are proud to be members of ‘Taste of the West’ and Food & Drink Devon. We are also an STS certified supplier with STS Public Sector Standard accreditation and we whole-heartedly support the ‘Why eat 5 a day’.